Using electricity in everyday life must be wise. Because, when you do not use electricity wisely it will result in a variety of bad things that can happen to you. Make sure that you can use electricity properly. If the electricity you use is not correct, then you can experience electrical problems that can only be repaired by experts. Use services from electrical services singapore so that you can handle the electrical problems that you have.

If there is an error in the use of electricity that you use, then there are some things that can happen to you. some of these things are

1. Electric shock
Electric shock causes interference to the body. Severe disruption to the body is determined by the amount of electricity. The greater the flow of electricity, the worse the interference will be received. Installation of electrical installations that are not good and the wrong selection of installation equipment will provide a high risk to users of the danger of electric shock due to the presence of chipped cables or objects containing electricity.

2. Electricity surge
An electric voltage that exceeds the specified capacity is 220 volts. This surge can occur because there is damage to the old electrical substations and does not function properly anymore. This surge in voltage is very dangerous because it can cause fires and damage to electrical equipment.

3. Short circuit Short circuit can occur if phase conductors and neutral conductors are interconnected. If the installation is equipped with a fuse, then the danger arising from a short circuit can be avoided, because the function of the fuse is to disconnect the electricity. The time of disconnection of the fuse to melt is at most 5 seconds so that short circuit does not cause danger such as fire. This happens because the short circuit sprinkles sparks that can burn the cable, to prevent the danger that arises due to short circuit, so it is better than the fuse is always installed in an electrical installation.