One common way to treat the home is to repaint the walls of the house to give a new and fresh impression. However, not many know if the painting process on new walls with old walls (which have been coated with paint) is not the same. There are treatments or special things that you need to pay attention to when you want to repaint the old walls. Is it the right time for more?

Repainting is one of the routine things that must be done to beautify the house and give a new impression. Then, like what physical features or signs should the house be repainted? to get the color of the wall that can last a long time, you must be right in choosing the paint used. The application of proper painting techniques will maintain the results of your wall paint.

Pay attention to the physical conditions on the wall that you want to repaint. Walls that are still in good condition usually have a smooth and not calcareous texture, but if you find the walls experiencing flaking, bubbling or the most common are moldy, then clean the walls before they are coated again. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose wall paint that can be washed from the start so that the washing process does not disturb the texture and damage the wall. If you want to repaint, always pay attention to whether there is mold or paint that has been peeled off. If there is mold, clean it first using a special mushroom cleaner for the wall before repainting it.

Whereas if you find a lot of peeling, you should first clean the wall before finally being painted. It is also important to use anti-leak coating paint before repainting. This is done to prevent rainwater from penetrating the walls, which will cause the walls to become dull.