The startup is indeed a place to work that is currently sought after and desired by most young people. Working time and a flexible environment make many young people choose this place to work. For those of you who also want to work at the company, then you can visit Jeremy Page. There, you will find it easier to find work in a startup company and make you have a wider opportunity to be able to work there.

For those of you who still don’t know what is meant by a startup company, then there are several criteria from the company that you should know. Some of the criteria in question are

1. Not too many employees
Because it is a newly developed startup, most startups have a small number of employees. Usually, the number of employees owned is less than fifty. For this reason, they are usually looking for the best talent in their field. In addition, employees who work at startups generally come from millennials who are young and tech-savvy.

2. Focus on consumer needs
A startup must be oriented to the needs of consumers. Basically, a startup must have closeness or be able to be a solution to problems that exist in the surrounding environment. It doesn’t have to solve a big problem but it’s enough with the problems that are commonly faced by many people but haven’t received special attention. Thus, startups will be able to continue to grow and benefit the surrounding.

3. Less than three years old
The word startup comes from English which refers to all companies that have recently operated or startups. These companies are mostly newly established companies and are in the development and research phase to find the right market

These three criteria are criteria that can be called for startup companies. If you want to work at a startup company, make sure that the three criteria are within the company you are aiming for.