Today, radio is indeed something that cannot be separated from many people. There are many people who are still loyal to radio because they regard radio as a very pleasant entertainment medium. In fact, you can still enjoy radio wherever you are and whatever you are doing. To listen to the radio more comfortably and the sound that is issued is cleaner, then you can use the best portable radio for camping.

Being a radio listener will also give you many benefits. Some of the benefits referred to here are

1. Give a lot of happiness
A survey from The Media and The Mood of The Nation said that people who often listen to the radio will look happier than computer users or television connoisseurs. Not only that, even radio can increase happiness threefold.

2. Prevent piracy from other people’s work
Listening to radio is one of the steps to prevent piracy. Because when listening to the radio, it can at least reduce the number of song piracy. By listening to the radio, you have your own way of appreciating the work of musicians.

3. Improve intelligence
As an auditive media, radio is definitely prioritizing sound or audio in its broadcasts. When enjoying it, of course you only use your ears, not the other senses. Now, when this is the situation, our brains are required to capture information in the radio by understanding sound or music.

4. Practice patience
If you are an active listener, surely you really know how it feels when you request a song to the announcer? Patience is needed when waiting for your favorite song to play. You have to wait for advertisements and voice announcers, plus if you find that there are many requests from other listeners, you must be extra patient, I-Listeners.

5. Don’t feel lonely
And finally, radio is easily accessible anywhere, anytime and however. You can listen to the radio while cooking, washing clothes, or even cleaning the house. Even when traveling.