When it comes to purchasing the hat, then you can consider choosing customized hats for the number of reasons. Using a hat is certainly not only for fashion needs. It can make users avoid direct sunlight. When hot weather hats are the mainstay to use, the number of hats sold in the market will certainly make it easier for you to find what you want and that is suitable for use in the summer. Some tips for choosing a hat that is suitable for summer so that your friends are not mistaken and your style is still cool even though the weather is very hot:

1. Selection of the right cap size

You can use the size of the hat with the diameter/size that matches the head. Do not be too small, if the circumference of a small hat on your head makes you uncomfortable and feels hot and itchy. Use a slightly loose cap size, if you don’t know the size of the head, you can choose/use a hat that behind it has a belt to tighten/loosen according to the size of the head.

2. Pay attention to the hat model

Hats have many types and models are snapback, beanie, beach hats, cowboys, truckers and others. It would be better for you to use a hat that has a model there is a tongue. Why? When you are exposed to sunlight, the light is not directly exposed to the face, especially to the eyes, with the presence of the hat tongue serves to divert sunlight. The type of hat that has a tongue cap is a net hat/trucker, snapback hat, baseball, etc.

3. Hat color selection

If you like dark colors, especially for hot weather, avoid using black hats, this also applies to the selection of shirts that you use. It’s better to use bright/pastel colors. If using dark/black.

4. Don’t be afraid of not being stylish

Finally, if you don’t want the stylist to be damaged because summer comes and hats make you less PD. Well, you can order a custom hat on a hat printing service. This is so that the hat you are using looks different from the others because it has a design that you make yourself.