Ramadan is a very extra ordinary month and it is also known as the most wonderful moment for all Muslim families throughout the world. In this blessed month all Muslim families prepare their best worship for a full month. Besides their best worship for a full month many of them are also sending their sweet ramadan greetings to the others.

They hope other Muslim families will feel the glory of Ramadan and they can spend their best moments with families and friends in a peaceful family atmosphere. We all know that in Ramadan all Muslims want to do their best worship because they all believe that they will get multiple rewards from God. All Muslims also believe that the whole religious activities that they do in Ramadan will be rewarded by God and the rewards will ease their way to heaven in the hereafter.

In the holy month of Ramadan there are also many additional activities that usually bring sustenance for those who do them. Many of Muslims sell various kinds of fresh foods and drink that will be purchased by Muslims who are fasting in Ramadan so they can eat those foods and drink at the Iftar. The time of iftar will come at the dusk.

Later the Muslims will go to the mosques with their friends or families to do Tarawih prayers. Muslims will do a lot of religious activities that they consider to be an important part of worship activities in the holy month of Ramadan. Most of Muslims will not waste their time in vain without worshiping in this blessed month. Many of Muslims believe that the opportunity to worship in the month of Ramadan is very valuable. Thus, many of Muslims don’t want to leave the holy month of Ramadan with spiritual loss. They all believe that a good opportunity in the holy month of Ramadan may not come back.