Acne that appears on the surface of the skin will usually be more susceptible to other bacteria. Especially if you often hold it with dirty hands. Then the possibility of acne to become inflamed and grow bigger increases. If so, almost certainly your acne will be infected. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the finest คลินิกรักษาสิว near your area.

If you have acne, identify whether your acne has been infected or not. It’s because treating acne with infections is not the same as regular acne. For more details, here are some signs that indicate acne has been infected:

It hurts to the touch.
Bigger than ordinary zits.
Acne is red from being inflamed.
The size is larger than the usual zits.
There are white spots that indicate pus.

Killing infected zits means killing the bacteria that cause infection. Various ordinary medicines such as salicylic acid cannot treat this type of acne. Due to salicylic acid cannot kill bacteria but only reduces the spread of acne to other areas. Acne infections can be treated with:

Antibiotics to reduce bacteria and inflammation, both in the form of creams and drinking tablets.

Benzoyl peroxide to kill acne bacteria.