Now more and more social media users are doing live streaming, especially almost all social media have features to do live streaming. Supported by hardware (smartphones, tablet PCs, or computers) and increasingly sophisticated internet access, doing live streaming through social media is a fun activity. The more Sydney Live Streaming users do live to stream, the more topics discussed by those who do live streaming. Of the many social media users who do live streaming and the topics discussed, how do we steal the attention of Sydney Live Streaming users to be willing to watch the live streaming done?

This is not just to make the physical appearance look better, but also so that the results of live streaming can be maximized. For example, don’t use clothes with colors that are relatively the same as the background so that you don’t “sink.” While bright or neon colors can also make “visual stress” so it should be avoided. Also do not also use clothes with a logo that can make the audience think you are streaming an ad. Striped and patterned clothes are also not recommended because they can create the illusion of image distortion. What does the room temperature have to do with pulling the display? Besides the temperature of the room that is not too cold or hot will make you look more comfortable, there is also the fact that the human voice will sound better if the air conditioner engine is turned off. With a combination of good physical appearance and sound, the live streaming results will certainly be more OK!

After the face, another thing that is most often seen by live streaming viewers is the background of the live broadcasters. Make sure the background of the live broadcast shows interesting and in accordance with the theme to be discussed. Lighting is crucial when making videos. In order for the face to look attractive, it requires excellent lighting. For that, you have to direct the light source, such as the sun and lights, to the face area.