When choosing ผ้าม่านหน้าต่าง, try to choose the type of curtain that is an extension of the room and can blend naturally with the natural space does not mean the curtain must have the same color as the color of the wall paint. Contrasting colors also look attractive and will actually give a unique impression to the room. This method can be adjusted to various themes ranging from modern themes to vintage themes. Or you can also decorate the room with a tone on tone approach and present a monolithic impression in space.

In addition to choosing colors, other things that need to be considered when choosing curtains are the texture and pattern of curtains to be chosen. It never hurts to try to choose the type of curtain with unique motifs such as polka dots, flowers, or geometric motifs to make the room look prettier. Sure, you can also choose curtains that have a texture on the surface.