Home door locks are often underestimated. Though the door lock is one of the securities of the house. The door to the house will be closed with the door lock of the house and to open it someone needs a door lock. Therefore, if you are currently someone who ignores the door locks, you need to think again especially if there are many valuables in your home. In its development, currently, the door lock function of the locksmith service in singapore is not only for home security, but can also be used to sweeten the look of your door. Even the door lock and the handle can be used as the focal point of the door. Especially with the many key designs of the door and the handle.

There are two types of home door locks that you can find on the market today, namely conventional home door locks and digital home door locks. The shape of a conventional house door lock that can be found on the market today is of two types, namely the lever lock and cylinder lock. The two-door locks of the house have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lever lock is one type of house door lock that is very simple and the longest known to people. The house door locks of this model are still widely used. The lever lock has an elongated shape consisting of per and serrated plates. The curves and the number of serrations on the lever lock are few and very simple. Actually, the way the cylinder locks and levers work is not much different. The difference lies in the complexity of the shape. The curve on the gear on the house door lock in the form of a cylinder serves to rotate the cylinder in the slot so that the door can be opened.

The second type of house door lock is a digital home door lock. Judging from its function, digital home door locks have better reliability compared to conventional house door locks. The existing system developed in digital home door locks has two kinds, namely using a system of pin numbers and using a remote.