If you know how to make an AC fan, then you won’t find the EER term specifically for original air conditioners. EER is the term for Energy Efficiency Ratio or energy efficiency ratio. So, you should buy an AC with a high EER level. Because the higher the level of efficiency, the electrical power is even lower. If the power used is limited, then the burden of billing costs can be minimized. Although in general high-EER air conditioners are priced at high prices, the principle of applying these AC tips is worth considering. So, don’t hesitate to buy an air conditioner that is high in EER even though you have to save longer or reach into the bag deeply. Meanwhile, you may also need to call the best aircon service singapore when your AC is broken.

Buy an AC which suits the size of your room

Every meter, a room needs an AC capacity of 600 BTU. So, AC needs can be measured from the area of the room. For example, if the family room of a small house has a length of 4m and a width of 5m then the area is 20 m2. So, to calculate the AC capacity, a power of 20 × 600 = 12,000 BTU is needed which if converted to 1.5 pk. The appropriate air conditioner will be able to support the application of various types of interior design concepts at home because the appearance is thick.

Consider the AC capacity

Although related to size, but the function of the room also needs to be a reference for choosing AC. Because not all rooms need air in the cold. In the room, for example, someone might sleep better with a warm atmosphere. So the function of air conditioning is to stabilize the air only because someone will spend more time in the room to sleep at night where the air tends to cool.

The air conditioner needed for the room is generally 0.5 pk. So, there is no need to choose a large force because it can result in waste. AC capacity also affects electricity bills so the more targeted the use, the electricity costs can be reduced.