Creating a marketing plan is an important thing to do in order to achieve our business marketing objectives. There is a lot of writing on the internet that teaches how to create a marketing plan. Ranging from simple to SMEs, to complex for the company. Meanwhile, we’d like you to check out the trusted geofence marketing if you need to improve your sales soon.

When you’re making a marketing plan, it’s good to include the following points:

Target Sales / Sales

Sales targets should be in the marketing plan that we make. Without a target sales, we will have difficulty measuring the success of marketing activities. Determine our sales targets in at least three of the following: Volume, Value, and Period. If you rush your business to enter the market blindly without even knowing to what kind of people you may sell your merchandises, you will have a hard time in dealing with the time-consuming marketing campaign, all the while the operational cost will always ask to be paid over and over again. Thus, determining the target of your business is essential, so your business can earn the profits quickly enough to at least sustains itself within the competitive ground of the market.

Target Market and Distribution Channel

When the sales target has been incorporated into the marketing plan, the next is to determine the target market of our products. This target market is very important because it describes who our target customers are. The target market can be determined based on demography (gender, age, and location), Psychography (eg nerds, cat lovers, children slang, etc.), and also Social class. Once the target customer is clear, decide how to reach them. This is the time to determine the distribution channel on our marketing plan, whether we use resellers, through online stores, or conventional distribution channels. It’s true that by linking your business the prices of your merchandises may go up. However, with the trusted and reliable channels, it’d be even faster and easier for your customers to find your products or services on the market. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to hire the trusted geofencing advertising, so you can find the potential customers near you quickly and easily.